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The most abundant amino acid in the body is now available from Axe & Sledge! Glutamine is a crucial compound in the human body, especially because it is the primary amino acid found in the lining of the human gastrointestinal system. That is one of the main reasons why so many people swear by using glutamine daily to optimise digestion, gut health and immune system function. The majority of the available glutamine is used for these processes however some is left over to be used by the musculoskeletal system. There has been some research which has shown that glutamine can assist with reducing muscle soreness after training and can generally be beneficial for recovery. Ensure you are training hard and recovering smart by including Axe & Sledge Glutamine in your daily supplement stack.

Key Ingredients

L-Glutamine is part of the 20 amino acids that are naturally occurring in dietary protein. It is the most abundant amino acid found in human blood and is also the preferred fuel source for cells in the intestinal and immune system which is why it is so beneficial for maintaining good gut health.


  • One of the most commonly used raw amino acids in the world
  • High-quality micronized powder which ensures this product mixes perfectly
  • Completely pure and taste-free, making this product perfect for stacking
  • Supports immune system function and gut health
  • Enhances recovery for people with heavy training and work regimes

Directions of Use

Mix 1 scoop (5g) of Axe & Sledge Glutamine with water, juice or any beverage/shake daily for the best results. This product is commonly used alongside Creatine which is also available from Axe & Sledge. For easy consumption, you can add your glutamine to other beverages from Axe & Sledge such as Farmfed, Home Made or The Grind.