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Nexus Sports Nutrition

Nexus Sports Nutrition - Ammo

Nexus Sports Nutrition - Ammo

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Clearly, Nexus Sport Nutrition wanted to create an out-of-this-world flavour profile when they developed Ammo! With tantalising flavours such as Red Frog, Arctic Slushy and Kiwi Strawberry to choose from, users have been raving about Ammo being the tastiest amino acid formula on the market.

Taste is important, but Nexus are committed to serious formulations too which is what makes Ammo a serious contender in the recovery and hydration game. Made using an ideal ratio of all 9 Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) plus the all-important 3 Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), added Glutamine and Electrolytes, this is your ultimate recovery formula. If you’re looking to push further, work harder and see greater results, look no further than Ammo by Nexus Sport Nutrition.

Made using hydrating electrolytes to replenish lost fluids, Ammo is the gym partner you’ve been waiting for! Improve your athletic performance, enhance recovery, and aid muscle growth today when you include Ammo in your stack.

What are the benefits of using Ammo by Nexus Sport Nutrition?

  • Perfect ratio of 9 EAAs and 3 BCAAs
  • Added Glutamine to support recovery
  • Hydrating Electrolytes replace lost fluids
  • Enhance muscle growth and gains
  • Range of seriously delicious flavours

How many servings are there in Ammo?

There are 30 serves per tub which should last 30 days if you use 1 serve per day

How many calories are there in Ammo?

There are 32 calories per serve

When should I take amino acids?

You can take your amino acids formula before, during or after exercise and because they’re stimulant free, you can take them before bed and at anytime of the day. Some research suggests it’s best to take amino acid blends during exercise to fuel your body and repair your muscles.

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