Macromike Plant-Based Aminos 300g

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A replenishing blend of Plant-Based Branch Chain Amino Acids, Essential Amino Acids, Energising Vitamins and Hydrating Electrolytes to help fuel your workouts and aid with muscle recovery to keep you performing at your best.

As an advocate for all things natural Macromike have kept these free from anything artificial and they’re all derived from plants. Now available in 3 epic flavours!

Amino Acids:

Not all Amino Acids are created equal. Macromike only use Plant-Based BCAA's (Branch Chain Amino Acids) and EAA’s (Essential Amino Acids) in their products vs typical animal sourced Amino Acids. We’ve also included a generous dose of the Amino Acid L-Glutamine which is great for recovery, performance and maintaining a happy gut.

Hydrating Electrolytes:

Coconut water powder with naturally occurring potassium, magnesium and sodium combined with key mineral salts to help aid hydration and keep you performing at your best. Electrolytes can help maintain normal muscle function and prevent performance decreases due to dehydration.

Vitamin Blend:

Vitamins B to aid with energy production and focus and Vitamin C which promotes a healthy immune system and keeps you performing your best. We’ve also included L-Taurine which is a natural antioxidant in the body and is a must when implementing a strenuous workout regime.

Naturally Flavoured and Sweetened:

As huge advocates for all things natural and gut friendly Macromike have made sure their Performance range is naturally flavoured and sweetened with nothing artificial. They use the natural sweetener Stevia and Natural flavour essences trust us your tummy will thank you.