Mylk Shake 300g

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Naked Harvest’s first ever mum-friendly supplement is designed to provide the ultimate breastfeeding support. This lactation drink is equipped with essential vitamins, protein, fibre, superfoods, and unique herbs, to provide nutritional support and naturally boost your breast milk supply.

Plus, this blend is also packed with essential vitamins needed to assist with the loss of nutrients experienced whilst breastfeeding and being a mother.

Vegan friendly. Gluten-Free. Refined Sugar-Free. Natural.


• Folate to help babies build their neural tubes

• Calcium to help babies grow strong, healthy bones & teeth

• Vitamin A helps body resist infections and grow

• Fennel seeds to increase breast milk supply

• Flaxseed contains a rich source of Lignans which may influence the production and quality of breastmilk

• Ginger improves breast milk volume in postpartum period


• Vitamin A & C • Flaxseed fibre • Fennel seed • Ginger • Calcium • Folate