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Shop your favourite licensed character today with these 100% Officially Licensed  shakers and take them with you wherever you workout. 

Nobody likes a clumpy mess of protein powder at the bottom of their shaker. The Performa ActionRod Technology ensures a solid mix every time. When you are finished, easily wash your shaker, it disassembles quickly and is dishwasher safe.

Knowing that you don't want to hold a ton of stuff from station to station at the gym so performa introduced an integrated handle that you can carry your ACTIV shaker easily with 2 fingers. They are lightweight, easily portable, and have an extra-wide mouth to drink from. 

One of the defining traits of superheroes is often their strength and performs made sure that these shakers represent these characters well. 100% leak-free guarantee on all performa shakers and a hassle-free guarantee so that you have peace of mind.  This is the Performa Promise. Leaks and cracks happen sometimes but we want to make sure that you have a functioning, usable product.