Group Fitness Class Descriptions

Class Name Class Description 
Barbell Fitness  Barbell Class, a class designed using only a barbell and body weight exercises targeting the whole body from upper to lower body.
Circuit style using time on, time off ratio training.
Difficulty Chilli Rating 3/5 Chilli's
Body Blast  Body Weight Only Training - High Intensity Interval Training. A short 30 minute class to get your heart rate up and burn some calories! Difficulty Chilli Rating 4/5 Chilli's
Body Confidence ABT - Ladies Only ABT Ladies Only.
A class designed by women for women.
Targeting the glutes, legs and abs using both weighted and body weight exercises.
Difficulty Chilli Rating 3/5 Chilli's
 Boot Camp BootCamp! A full body circuit class that uses a variation of exercise stations. This class uses equipment and real-life implements eg a tyre, to mix between bodyweight, resistance training, cardio and weights This class is time based with Four (4) complete rounds and runs for approximately Forty-Five (45) Minutes. Chili Rating 3/5 for Difficulty.
 Boxa-Fit A cardio based partnered boxing class. This short snappy class is great for getting a sweat up and working that upper body.
Gloves, Strike Pads and Inners Supplied.
Chili Rating 4/5 for Difficulty.
 Boxing Our more technical boxing class, get a workout in while also learning proper boxing techniques and combos.

Cave HIIT Body Weight Only Training - High Intensity Interval Training. A short 30 minute class to get your heart rate up and burn some calories! Difficulty Chilli Rating 4/5 Chilli's
 Cave Strength

Basic fundamental strength movements using the functional training equipment. Won’t have you gasping for oxygen as much some of our other classes, but will focus on building full body functional strength to help you with the physical tasks of everyday life.
Wednesday Class is full body.
Sunday Class is mostly upper body.
Difficulty Chilli Rating 3/5 Chilli's

 Core & Quads

Abs & Leg Dominant Workout Body Weight and Equipment Class, a great class to focus on leg strength and core stability.
Difficulty Chilli Rating 3/5 Chilli's

 Power Tabata Tabata training is one of the most popular forms of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Tabata is a group fitness class designed to suit all fitness levels. 9 exercises for 4 rounds, go at your own pace or choose to push your limits!! Each exercise is specifically picked to give the body a full workout. Difficulty Chilli Rating 3/5 Chilli's
 Women's Health     & Pelvic Floor  A class designed for all Women and their pelvic floor health and to help pre and post partum Mums entering back into exercise safely.
Focusing on pelvic floor and getting the body moving correctly and safely.
You can benefit from pelvic floor training for a multitude of reasons.
Your pelvic floor muscles can be weak from:
-not keeping them active or overworking them
-being pregnant and having babies
-a history of back pain
-ongoing constipation and straining to empty the bowels
-being overweight or obese
-heavy lifting (e.g. at work or the gym)
-a chronic cough or sneeze (e.g. due to asthma, smoking or hayfever)
-previous injury to the pelvic region (e.g. a fall, surgery or pelvic radiotherapy)
-growing older
 Zumba! Pretty much the most awesome workout ever. Dance to great music, with great people, and burn a ton of calories without even realizing it. It is not a dance class it is a party! No one is judging you by your dance abilities just have fun and feel the music.
 ZUU Fit ZUU refers to a particular flavour of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), designed by Australian fitness guru, Nathan Helberg. It's built around so-called primal animal moves: the hopping motion of a frog, the all-fours scrambling of a bear, the squat power stance of a gorilla.

The idea is to repeat several sets of 'animal moves' during an intense, 30-minute session, burning maximum fat and toning lean muscle. The animal noises? 100% optional.
Where did ZUU come from?
ZUU was actually designed for armed forces and front-line troops, because it works on bodyweight resistance. You can basically ZUU anywhere. You don't need fancy gym equipment or even free-weights to get started.

Over the last decade, ZUU gradually transitioned from a niche military exercise regime into a global fitness craze. It's now in 68 countries across three continents, with 250 certified 'ZUU Partners' worldwide.
ZUU is all about low-impact bodyweight training.
The animal-style exercises follow seven broad categories of human movement: push, pull, squat, lunge, bend, twist, locomotion. Each one has a zoological-type name, like Frog Squat or Donkey Kick. You might feel a bit silly, hopping around your gym, but that's all part of the ZUU experience. It's designed to be fun.