Bouldering at The Cave

Members & Non-Members Welcome.
✔️ Hire Shoes Available

✔️ Climbing Open 7 Days

✔️ Chalk & Red Chili Shoes Available to Purchase

✔️ Day & Week Casual Passes Available

✔️ Full Reset Monthly

✔️ Catering to all levels of climber

We offer an exclusive Climbing Membership and offer Casual Climbing Visits $20 For a Non-Member Climb and $50 for an all access week pass!
See day pass and climbing membership prices here.

Enjoy Bouldering at The Cave Gym.
Our state of the art bouldering wall designed by ICP Australia is available to members and the general public during open hours.

Safety inductions are a must prior to climbing if you wish you can fill out our Climbing Waiver before coming into climb so we can induct you and get you onto the wall sooner. 

Anyone able bodied over the age of 6 is able to climb at The Cave. Children under 16 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Climbing Waiver

Climbing Induction Video