Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations 

The Cave Gym Pty Ltd ACN 605 507 033  ("us", "we", "our", the “Company” or “The Cave Gym”) has created this Rules and Regulations Policy to demonstrate our commitment to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all our members and staff.  

Conditions of Entry & Member Obligations 

It is a condition of entry that members agree to, and abide by The Cave Gym Rules and Regulations. 

  1. Members agree to follow all directions from the Cave Gym or any employee, contractor, agent or volunteer; and be bound by all rules and requirements of the Cave Gym at all times and as further amended or varied by the Cave Gym from time to time.  
  2. Only members may access and use the Cave Gym.  
  3. No person, either member or otherwise, is permitted to be on The Cave Gym premises under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 
  4. Members agree and acknowledge that access to the Cave Gym’s facilities and participation in the activities, classes, sessions or consultations will be dictated by the membership package you have selected.  
  5. Members agree and acknowledge that access to classes, activities and services which are not included in their membership package must be paid separately, and access to the classes, services and activities outside of a membership package will only be allowed once payment has been received and all relevant forms have been signed. 
  6. Members agree to not allow unauthorised access to Cave Gym or any facility within Cave Gym to anyone, and acknowledge that an administrative fee of $150.00 will be payable by any member who is found to have allowed, and/or facilitated unauthorised access by another. This clause does not limit the sum recoverable by the Cave Gym for associated loss and damage as a result of the unauthorised access. 
  7. Members agree that where they allow an unauthorised individual access to the Cave Gym, that Member  is liable for any damage to the premises, personal property or personal injury resulting from the actions of the unauthorised individual.  
  8. The Cave Gym has a “tailgating” security system in place which notifies the Cave Gym Management of any un-authorised access outside of hours. Continued breaches of this may result in the Cave Gym revoking outside of hours access to the offending member. Any cancellation of outside of hours access by the Cave Gym Management will not vary the membership terms under this agreement, nor fees payable under the membership package selected at the time the outside of hours access is revoked.  
  9. It is at Cave Gym’s discretion, if or when outside of hours access will be reinstated to a member whose outside of hours access is revoked 
  10. Members are required to treat staff, volunteers and other members at all times with respect and kindness.  The Cave Gym will not tolerate abusive, disruptive or unreasonable behaviour by anyone.  The Cave Gym has the right to revoke your membership at any time at their absolute discretion, if they feel you have treated someone in an inappropriate manner. A warning may be given, but is not required.  Depending on the circumstances your membership may be revoked without any warning given. 

Use of Equipment & Facilities 

At all times, members agree to: 

  1. ALL members must check in at the front counter or front door with their FOB when entering.  If you have forgotten your FOB, you can check in on the iPad / tablet which is located on the reception desk near the front door. 
  2. When entering the tanning room, you must check in using your FOB at the door reader of the tanning room. 
  3. When entering the Yoga / Reformer Pilates Studio, you must enter by swiping your FOB key at the door reader beside the door handle. 
  4. When entering the Sauna room, members must scan their FOB at the door before entry. 
  5. When entering the CSN Supplement store, all bags are to be left outside the doors or at Reception. 
  6. Members must use all the Cave Gym equipment in a safe and responsible manner.  
  7. Members must ensure that they are not engaging in an activity that is beyond their physical capabilities, unless they have appropriate qualified staff to assist / supervise and advise on what is safe and what is not. 
  8. A Member must not drop the weights, and must return all equipment not being used back to its original position.  
  9. No bags or loose items are to be located on the Cave Gym floor areas as this can cause a trip hazard. 
  10. A Member must use spotters and collars as necessary and must immediately report any injuries (including injuries sustained by other members), issues, faults or damage to equipment, to the Cave Gym Staff.  
  11. Members must comply with all reasonable directions of the Cave Gym Staff 
  12. If you are using the Reformer Pilates benches, you must ensure that you are wearing toe socks with under sole grip (not normal socks).  If you do not have any you are able to purchase these in the CSN Supplement Store. 
  13. Members must ensure that towels are used on equipment at all times while training – no towel means no training.  If you forget your towel you are able to purchase these at the CSN Supplement store. 
  14. Members must ensure that when using the ice bath they bring their own towels, and clean up any mess made before exiting the room 
  15. Members must ensure that they shower before entering the ice bath – shower facilities including body wash are available  
  16. Vandalism and intentional damage will not be tolerated and will result in your membership being revoked permanently 
  17. Members must ensure that they do not take photos or videos of other members without their express consent 
  18. When using the Sauna members must ensure that they are clothed appropriately, shorts and crop tops are allowed, but under no circumstances will it be acceptable to enter the sauna in your underwear or naked. 
  19. Members must ensure that they take 2 towels into the sauna – one to sit on, and one to use to wipe the sweat off and ensure the sauna is kept in a clean and tidy state. 
  20. Members must not touch or interfere with the sound system or lighting, including moving light fixtures, turning off lights and speakers and otherwise interfering with equipment of The Cave Gym. 


Problems, Queries or Complaints 

For further information regarding the Rules and Regulations, or to make a complaint, please contact The Cave Gym at 

The Cave Gym will investigate any complaints received in writing and take all reasonable steps to resolve them as soon as possible.  


The Cave Gym reserves the right to review, amend, update and change the Rules and Regulations and any other forms or documents associated with your membership and use of The Cave Gym in its absolute discretion. Any changes will take effect when they are made or posted on The Cave Gym’s website.