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Switch Nutrition

Switch Nutrition - Amino Switch

Switch Nutrition - Amino Switch

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AMINO SWITCH™ is a highly absorbed Vegan Friendly dairy and lactose free Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) & Essential Amino Acid (EAA) blend.

Unlike most BCAA’s AMINO SWITCH™ contains all 9 EAA’s at a precise ratio. This ratio is designed to help SWITCH ON nutrient recovery. 

EAA’s are absorbed considerably faster and more efficiently than whey protein because they do not require digestion.

With added Vitamin B12 AMINO SWITCH™ may help reduce recovery time while supporting energy performance for active sporting individuals.

AMINO SWITCH™ contains added essential Co-Factors, Balanced Electrolytes, Vitamins and Schisandra chinensis for greater overall results.

When you have Amino Switch by Switch Nutrition, you’ll:
  • Reduce recovery time from exercise (B12)
  • Reduce exercise fatigue (B12)
  • Support exercise performance (B12)
  • Support energy metabolism for better performance (B6)
  • Support protein metabolism for exercise recovery (B6)
  • No crash, no jitters
  • Support normal electrolyte balance for exercise rehydration (Magnesium)
  • Support nervous system and muscular function for exercise performance (Magnesium)
  • Stay on top of your game!
Each serve of Amino Switch by Switch Nutrition contains:
  • B-Vitamins
  • Amino Acids for recovery
  • Schisandra
  • Vitamin C
  • Electrolytes
  • No artificial colours or preservatives
  • No added gluten, soy, dairy or sugar
  • Great tasting – easy mixing
  • Zero stimulants
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