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EQ Food - Lean EQ Protein Cookie

EQ Food - Lean EQ Protein Cookie

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The not-so-guilty pleasure that will make your taste buds dance while keeping you on track with your fitness goals. Brace yourself for a mind-blowing experience with 21g of protein and a delicious taste – say hello to the Lean Protein Cookie by EQ Food.

Satisfy your cravings without compromising your hard-earned gains. The Lean Protein Cookie is packed with an impressive dose of protein power, and it’s like a mini gym session for your taste buds. It's time to say goodbye to uninspiring snacks and hello to the ultimate protein-packed indulgence.

It's time to have your cookie and eat it too! Why settle for boring protein bars when you can have a cookie that flexes its flavour muscles? Treat yourself to the Lean Protein Cookie, the guilt-free pleasure that makes your taste buds jump for joy and your fitness journey a whole lot sweeter.

What are the benefits of Lean Protein Cookie by EQ Food?

  • High protein snack
  • Healthier option to other snacks
  • Delicious and crafted with the perfect balance of flavours
  • Soft and chewy
  • High quality ingredients
  • Made in Australia with fresh
  • Carefully crafted by food scientist

What makes the Lean Protein Cookie so different from other protein snacks?

The Lean Protein Cookie is tasty, contains high-quality ingredients, and is made in Australia fresh. Plus, EQ’s inspiring mission is to help solve hunger in the world. For every calorie purchased, the company donates one calorie in the form of its own cookie and also purchases essential groceries for distribution directly to those in need.

What does the Lean Protein taste like?

Imagine sinking your teeth into a soft, chewy cookie that unleashes an explosion of heavenly goodness. Each bite sends waves of delightful decadence through your senses, leaving you wondering how something so delicious could be so good for you. With the Lean Protein Cookie, you can now have your cake and eat it too (well, technically, it's a cookie, but you get the point)!

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