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Switch Nutrition

Switch Nutrition - Alpha GPC

Switch Nutrition - Alpha GPC

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Switch Nutrition have extended their range, with the nootropic newcomer Alpha GPC.

Taking the highly bioavailable version of choline, they’ve come up with their own formulation to potentially support your workout. This is GeniusPure™, the trademarked blend that Switch Nutrition states will offer a better quality and more stable form of Alpha GPC that will easier pass the blood brain barrier.

Whether you are taking on that demanding project at work, researching for that grade defining report or about to smash out a set, Alpha GPC by Switch Nutrition could help. The nootropic qualities mean you could get the determination and mental clarity needed to succeed in your goals and keep you on top of your game.

There are also other potential benefits for your workout related to Alpha GPC, with potential support for output also being on offer in this Switch Nutrition formulation. So if you were wondering where your workout will go next, then here is your answer!

When you take Alpha GPC by Switch Nutrition you’ll receive:

  • Scientifically formulated nootropic blend
  • Fuel for mental processes
  • Aid to stay sharp
  • Support for general wellness
  • The trademarked GeniusPure™ formula
  • Bioavailable formula
  • Fat and sugar free formula
  • Vegan friendly

What's the difference between Alpha GPC and Alpha Switch?

Despite similar names, Alpha GPC and Alpha Switch offer completely different benefits. Alpha GPC is formulated to aid in determination and mental clarity. Alpha Switch is a combination of modern and traditional ingredients to create a supplement that could aid general health and wellbeing.

Is Alpha GPC legal in Australia?


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