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Switch Nutrition

Switch Nutrition - Hydrate+

Switch Nutrition - Hydrate+

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Switch Nutrition Hydrate+ 

Unleash the power of peak performance with Hydration+ by Switch Nutrition – the pinnacle of hydration innovation for those who demand more from every workout. Immerse yourself in the ultimate replenishment experience with the full spectrum of 5 essential electrolytes. Crafted with precision, the clinically proven 2:1 ratio of over 300mg Sodium ensures optimal fluid balance, while the addition of 23g of fast-acting carbohydrates propels your performance to new heights, providing the fuel your body craves during intense workouts.

Hydration+ by Switch Nutrition has been optimally designed to provide you with the best when it comes to keeping hydrated containing:

  • Over 300mg of Sodium at a clinically proven 2:1 ratio + 23g of fast-acting Carbohydrates for complete performance.
  • 1000mg of added Taurine to regulate electrolyte balance and support energy metabolism.
  • Added Vitamin C to support exercise recovery

Take command of your electrolyte balance and energy metabolism with 1000mg of added Taurine. This potent ingredient not only regulates electrolytes but acts as a catalyst for sustained energy, ensuring you stay in the zone when it matters most. Accelerate your exercise recovery with the added benefit of Vitamin C, and fortify your performance with 125mg of Elemental Magnesium, combating fatigue and preventing muscle cramps. Hydration+ goes beyond the ordinary, providing a meticulously crafted formula with no artificial colours, synthetic dyes, or sweeteners. Embrace the extraordinary and taste the amazing difference – Hydration+ by Switch Nutrition is sugar-free, yet an absolute delight for your palate. Elevate your hydration game, conquer your workouts, and redefine your limits with Hydration+ – where every drop is a step towards peak performance.

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