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EQ Food - Protein XL1000 Cookie

EQ Food - Protein XL1000 Cookie

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Whether you're a gym buff, a fitness newbie, or just someone who appreciates a scrumptious snack, the XL 1000 Cal Cookie by EQ Food is here to elevate your snacking game. It's the perfect on-the-go companion for post-workout replenishment or a guilt-free treat during your afternoon slump. Let's face it; life is too short for boring snacks, so why settle for anything less than a protein-packed party in your mouth?

The XL 1000 Cal Cookie features a staggering 1,000 calories per cookie and a harmonious blend of vital macronutrients to meet half of your daily requirements. This delectable treat breaks new ground by offering exceptional taste and intelligent nutrition. No longer do we need to sacrifice flavour for health-conscious eating.

Say goodbye to compromising your cravings and hello to a cookie that's as delicious and nutritious. Indulge in the delectable flavours that protein offers while alleviating any guilt, knowing that every calorie consumed contributes to a charitable cause! This exceptional creation, meticulously crafted by food scientists, aims to serve as a dense and wholesome food source for those who do not have access to food.

What are the benefits of XL 1000 Cal Cookie by EQ Food?

  • 50g of protein per cookie
  • 1000 calories per cookie
  • Delicious and smart food
  • Macronutrients for half of the ordinary daily intake

What makes the XL 1000 Cal Cookie different from other protein cookies?

The 1000 Cal Cookie is a high-calorie, nutrient-dense cookie that provides a complete meal in just one serving. Each cookie contains XL 1000 calories, making it an ideal option for those who are struggling to access enough food. This includes people experiencing homelessness and those with limited access to healthy food options.

The EQ Cookie is versatile and can be consumed as a snack, a meal replacement, or a post-workout recovery food—the ideal option for different people, including athletes, students, and busy professionals.

Each XL 1000 Cal Cookie by EQ Food has 4 servings, and each serving contains:

  • 258 calories
  • 5g of protein
  • 7g of fat and 5.2g is saturated
  • 29g of carbohydrates and 6.5g is sugar
  • 117mg of sodium
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