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Gen-Tec Nutrition

Gen-Tec Nutrition - Beta Alanine 200g

Gen-Tec Nutrition - Beta Alanine 200g

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Ever been in the gym doing your set only to feel that intense burning sensation coming on? Sometimes it’s so strong that you nearly immediately must quit. Even if you had a few reps you wanted to get in, your body was screaming, and you had no choice but to stop.

If this has happened to you quite regularly, you’ll want to get your hands-on Beta Alanine by Gen-Tec Nutrition.

When you use Beta Alanine by Gen-Tec Nutrition, you’re going to notice:
  • Improved endurance during your workout session
  • Less lactic acid build-up, allowing you to push through any intense sets you have planned
  • Better muscle growth potential due to your ability to perform more work in each session
  • Increased rates of metabolic response from your training due to being able to lift more weight
  • Higher levels of potential growth hormone release during the workout session due to you being able to reach higher intensity levels and total volume
  • Improved cardiovascular health with more workloads being performed
  • Enhanced benefits of creatine if both supplements are being used at the same time.

One of the most significant determinants of being able to build lean muscle mass tissue is how much total workload you perform in any given workout session. To see higher growth, you need to do more than your body has done before. Simply maintaining the status quo will have you on a fast road to maintenance – and a progress plateau.

This is where Beta Alanine can really shine, giving you that extra edge you’re looking for to help jumpstart your success and see a faster progression.

In every serving of Beta Alanine by Gen-Tec Nutrition, you’re going to get:
  • 100% pure pharmaceutical grade beta-alanine
  • No fillers, by-products or other ingredients added

One great thing about this product is that because there are no other ingredients added, you can easily take it on its own at any point in the day since there is no concern about whether there are stimulatory ingredients combined in. You can find beta alanine in many pre-workout supplements, but not all of these work for everyone.

With this product, you can take this with or without another pre-workout supplement. It’s entirely your choice.

Beta Alanine is one of the top performance support products you can use, and Gen-Tec provides the best quality available.

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