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Gen-Tec Nutrition

Gen-Tec Nutrition - Amino Lean

Gen-Tec Nutrition - Amino Lean

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Whether you are looking for something to support fat loss, ramp up your metabolic rate, elevate your mood, control your appetite or even just want something delicious to sip on throughout the day, Amino Lean is what you need.

Packed with amino acids to support muscle recovery, electrolytes to support hydration and key ingredients to support weight loss, Amino Lean is set to be the lifestyle product of the year. If you’re a regular user of Gen-Tec products, you will know they are designed and formulated for ultimate performance and recovery.

Now, with Amino Lean, you can also support your lifestyle through specialised amino acid and extract supplementation to ensure you are not only optimal in the gym with the rest of their range but also optimal throughout the day. Take before fasted cardio, during exercise or throughout the day for added fat loss, mood enhancement and energy.

What are the benefits of Amino Lean by Gen-Tec Nutrition?

  • Support hydration with added electrolytes
  • Support performance and recovery
  • Support your goals, especially if you are dieting
  • Support mental focus
  • Support vasodilation
  • Anti-catabolic
  • Hardly any carbs or sugar
  • Insane flavours available

When is the best time to take Amino Lean by Gen-Tec Nutrition?

This amino acid blend is best taken before or during exercise. You can also take it throughout the day as a healthy and tasty beverage.

What makes Amino Lean different from other amino acid supplements?

Amino Lean contains key ingredients to support mental focus, especially when you are on a calorie restriction. It also has added electrolytes to support hydration when training. This amino acid supplement also has ingredients to support vasodilation. Plus, the traditional BCAA’s known as anti-catabolic amino acids, with research suggesting the use of BCAA around exercise in individuals eating in a caloric deficit may prevent muscle breakdown and enhance performance due to the stimulatory effect Leucine has on protein synthesis.

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