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Ghost Lifestyle - Hydration Electrolytes+

Ghost Lifestyle - Hydration Electrolytes+

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Every time you sweat, your body loses important electrolytes, and you can end up being dehydrated. Ghost Lifestyle have created this epic hydration formula to boot up your hydration levels with zero sugars and active ingredients designed to improve energy levels, enhance brain function, and maintain optimal muscle function.

Tired of drinking tasteless water or consuming too many sugary drinks? Hydration by Ghost Lifestyle is a vegan friendly, soy free, gluten free and sugar free alternative for added hydration with a difference! Ghost have included a wide range of electrolytes, Vitamin C and Senactiv®, a patented ingredient to help support energy production.

Elevate your workouts with Hydration by Ghost Lifestyle and watch your performance reach new heights!

Benefits of using Hydration by Ghost Lifestyle are:

  • Open label with full ingredient disclosure
  • Enhanced energy levels
  • Support brain function
  • Maintain normal muscle function
  • Hydrate body after intense sessions
  • Highly bioavailable Vitamin C
  • Improve recovery

Why do I need to rehydrate after exercise?

Athletes can lose anywhere from 200-1600 mg of sodium per 2lbs of sweat, or an average of about 800 mg. Potassium, Chloride, Magnesium and Calcium are lost during exercise and need to be replenished in order for your body to recover from physical activity.

Who is Ghost Lifestyle?

Ghost at its simplest, is the World's first Lifestyle Sports Nutrition Brand. The name Ghost and mantra "Be Seen" come from that feeling of being behind the scenes and wanting to be heard, wanting to make an impact; We're all Ghosts. This is our Time.

The guys from Ghost Lifestyle had a singular vision - Rather than chase the norm they wanted to create a lifestyle focused sports nutrition brand they always wanted to be part of.

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