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Glaxon - Xeno Amino

Glaxon - Xeno Amino

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Does it feel like every time you leave the gym, you feel sore and uncomfortable? While you may have been supplied with the phrase ‘no pain, no gain’, there may be something deeper underlying. Muscle support from an amino acid formulation can turn your recovery process on its head and give your gym sessions a new lease of life.

It's hard to understate how important amino acids are to achieving great results in your fitness journey. Amino acids are often referred to as the building blocks of protein and that's because they can support building of muscle. Xeno by Glaxon contains 3 BCAA’s, 9 EAA’s and 11 other amino acids, encapsulating the proteins that are found in the body.

If you want to support recovery for better output after those big workouts, Xeno by Glaxon is the ultimate addition to your stack. This muscle recovery and hydration formulation includes Velositol® and Glaxon’s own Astragin®. The Astragin® is designed to aid absorption of ingredients for optimised results, while Velositol® is designed to enhance recovery and mTOR. Add this to a blend of electrolytes and hyaluronic acid and you have rounded formulation to support your toughest workout.

Why Xeno by Glaxon will become your amino acid blend of choice:

  • Muscle recovery and hydration support
  • Contains amino acids found in the body's muscles
  • 3 BCAA, 9 EAA, and a further 11 "conditionally essential" amino acids
  • mTOR support
  • Includes Glaxon’s own Astragin® formula
  • Added gut support
  • Support output
  • Great taste
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