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Legit Supps

Legit Supps - Melt Fat Burner

Legit Supps - Melt Fat Burner

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Melt has it all!! With key ingredients L-Carnitine, Bitter Orange, GBBGO, Dandelion Root it’s a thermogenic formulation like no other.

It provides smooth energy, increases the calories you burn throughout the day, suppresses the appetite and withdraws water retention. It’s a perfect product to assist you in your weight-loss journey. 

Key ingredients:

Acetyl L Carnitine - MAcetyl L-Carnitine helps the body produce energy and in particular, helps your body transfer fatty acids from stored body fat into the mitochondria of muscle cells where it can be used for energy. This result is an increase in the use of stored body fat for energy (also known as increased fat metabolism).

GBBGO - Gamma-Butyrobetaine is a pre curser to L-Carnitine, GBB converts to L-Carnitine via the enzyme known as Gamma-butyrobetaine dioxygenase (GBD). GBB is described as an ignitor to L-Carnitine which can help the uptake of Carnitine up to 30 times. Studies have shown GBB has helped with training capacity, cardiovascular health and the overall fat burning process.

Bitter Orange – Traditionally used to curb cravings and suppress the appetite, making small meals more satisfying and leaving you feeling fuller for longer to support a calorie deficit goal.

Alpha GPC / Theobroma / Juniper Berry – Together helping to improve your general mood and focus to increase the outputs during a workout.

Dandelion Root – With natural diuretic properties it can help to flush out excess water weight by stimulating the bladder. Relieves excess water weight and bloating.
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