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Optimum Nutrition - Gold Standard 100% Casein Protein

Optimum Nutrition - Gold Standard 100% Casein Protein

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Fuel your body with Gold Standard 100% Casein by Optimum Nutrition – packed with 24g of casein protein to support muscle build and recovery. Whether you need a refuel between meals or an overnight protein top-up, casein protein is a slow-digesting protein with a steady release of amino acids, perfect for fasting situations, such as sleep.

Casein, similar to whey, is derived from a milk protein source.  This type of protein offers a slow-digesting protein, perfect for overnight muscle recovery. For this reason, casein is commonly taken a few hours before bed, giving the body sufficient time to take in all the amino acids. 100% Casein Gold Standard Protein can also be taken any time of the day for those extended periods in between meals.

100% Casein Gold Standard Protein is a time-release protein supplement that gets absorbed slowly by the body and helps to facilitate muscle recovery and growth. Due to this, it acts all day long, gradually supplying the body with much-needed amino acids. As the micellar casein used in this supplement forms a viscous gel when it comes in contact with the digestive juices, it gives a feeling of fullness, which helps support fitness goals.

What are the benefits of Gold Standard 100% Casein by Optimum Nutrition?

  • Contains 24g of Casein protein per serving to help build and maintain muscle
  • 100% of the protein from Micellar Casein, slow digesting for round-the-clock protein coverage
  • Nearly 5g of naturally occurring bcaa per serving to support endurance and recovery
  • Low levels of sugar (1 gram) and fat (0.5-1 gram) and less than 120 calories per serving
  • Available in a range of different serving sizes and flavours. Informed-choice certified product

When is the best time to take Gold Standard 100% Casein by Optimum Nutrition?

The best time to take Gold Standard 100% Casein is in the evening or before bed to support muscle growth and repair.  Mix 1 rounded scoop in 300-360 ml of cold water or milk using a shaker cup and stir, shake or blend for 30 seconds or until dissolved. 

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