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Pillar Performance - Triple Magnesium

Pillar Performance - Triple Magnesium

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Magnesium is a powerful mineral that is used by our bodies each and every day. This blend features triple magnesium in combination with potassium and calcium to fully support the body in as many ways as possible. This supplement is designed to give your body the magnesium and vital nutrients it needs to thrive. Whether you live an active lifestyle or you’re trying to incorporate more activity into your life, this supplement will support your body in doing so. This blend will support recovery after you’ve exercised and help relieve muscle pains, soreness, cramps and spasms. There’s nothing worse than having sore, achy muscles and not being able to get out of bed.  

Incorporating Triple Magnesium into your life will not only provide you relief but will help prevent future muscles aches and pains. Pain shouldn’t be getting in the way of you living an active and healthy lifestyle. Take back control today! 

When you use Triple Magnesium by Pillar you will: 
  •  Support muscle health 
  •  Reduce muscle cramps 
  •  Help relieve sleeplessness. 
  •  Support nervous system health 

If you’re wanting to incorporate a simple and effective supplement that will support your body now and, in the future, start using Triple Magnesium by Pillar today.  

In each Triple Magnesium Capsule by Pillar you receive: 
  •  161.81mg of magnesium citrate 
  •  525mg of magnesium amino acid chelate 
  •  213.68mg of magnesium glycinate dehydrate 
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