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Red Dragon Nutritionals - Carnitine

Red Dragon Nutritionals - Carnitine

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Are you looking for a pure, one ingredient supplement that you can stack seamlessly? Then look no further than Red Dragon’s Carnitine which contains 100% pure Acetyl-L Carnitine to support your metabolism, energy, and focus.

Acetyl-L Carnitine is known for its thermogenic properties and its ability to help your body produce more energy. This clever, modified amino acid assists by transporting stored fat into the mitochondria of muscle cells and then converted to energy so you can push out those reps and pump harder than ever. Clinical studies have also shown the (ALC) can help maintain cognitive function plus assist muscle recovery after intense exercise.

If you’re looking for a stimulant free, no carb, no sugar and zero fat supplement to add to your stack, Carnitine by Red Dragon Nutritionals is exactly what you need to perform at your best. Combined with a diet and exercise program tailored to your specific goals, you’ll be smashing those goals before you know it with added energy, pump, and focus!

Support your metabolism, brain, and heart function plus recovery time when you add Carnitine by Red Dragon today!

What are the benefits of add Carnitine by Red Dragon?

  • Support energy production for more pump
  • Maintain cognitive function
  • Pure and stimulant free supplement
  • Can be stacked with other supps
  • Improve endurance and recovery time



  • 100% pharmaceutical grade Acetyl-L Carnitine
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