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Redcon1 - Cluster Bomb

Redcon1 - Cluster Bomb

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Everybody knows about pre workout formulas and post workout shakes. Most people neglect the time in which they are actually in the gym which is where Cluster Bomb from Redcon1 comes in. The intra workout window is sometimes overlooked by your average gym goer however it is arguably one of the most important times to support with smart supplementation. Whether you are training to be a bodybuilder or for a marathon, everyone can benefit from supplementing with a carbohydrate powder like Cluster Bomb during a workout. Additionally, this product can be very beneficial for those struggling to hit their daily calorie goals as it can easily be added to shakes and drinks to boost the total carbohydrate content.

Key Ingredients

Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin is a fast-absorbing source of carbohydrates that is highly regarded for athletic performance. Cyclic Dextrin is produced using a unique enzyme, which forms a cluster structure unit degraded from starch. In essence, this process ensures that Cyclic Dextrin is superior to other carbohydrates based on its better solubility and ability to provide a sustained energy source.

  • Redcon 1 sponsors world class bodybuilders like James Hollingshead and Cedric McMillan
  • Redcon 1 is the official supplement choice of a number militaries around the world
  • Available in 2 unbelievable flavours as well as unflavoured
  • Can be combined with Tango or Grunt for the ultimate intra-workout experience
  • Perfect for endurance training or high intensity training

Directions of Use

Mix 1 scoop with 400-500mls of water or with your current intra workout formula and consume over the course of your training session. It is important to finish consuming your intra workout beverage around 15 minutes before you finish your workout, that way you can be sure that your body is utilising the extra nutrients to fuel your performance.

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