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Switch Nutrition

Switch Nutrition - 100% Pure MCT Oil Powder

Switch Nutrition - 100% Pure MCT Oil Powder

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Looking for lasting energy? Stock up on the Switch Essentials! 100% Pure MCT Oil Powder by Switch Nutrition has you covered for your athletic performance needs. The combination of goMCT and Organic Acacia Fibre gives your body the nourishment for fuel and overall energy.  Support your mental clarity, physical performance, energy requirements and digestion with pure MCT powder!

What is MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides)? Found in coconut oil, it is a medium length fatty acid. This allows MCTs to be moved directly to the liver to be used as energy, which is excellent when you’re looking to have a sustained energy source. They’ve become popular thanks to the bulletproof coffee diet, with benefits for brain health and function. This is due to the ability to cross the blood brain barrier.

As an aid for your body composition goals, MCT powder can provide a satiating form of fats, and together with the fibre allow a sensation of fullness in the gut. When you feel full, you may find you have more control over your food portions.

Enjoying this MCT powder with your shakes, smoothies or coffees will help give you an extra boost and add a dose of creaminess. Get yours today!

When you take 100% Pure MCT Oil Powder by Switch Nutrition, you’ll help:
  • Boost brain function
  • Support energy metabolism
  • Support immune system function
  • Control cravings

When you buy pure MCTs from Switch, you’ll have a product that is vegan friendly, simple to use and, most importantly, easily paired with your other favourite Switch Nutrition products. Try it today with your Keto Switch, Protein Switch or Coffee Switch!

Each serve of 100% Pure MCT Oil Powder by Switch Nutrition has:
  • 2500mg MCT Oil Powder
  • 14.7 calories
  • 1.75g of saturated fat
  • Zero carbohydrates and sugar
  • 0.75g of fibre
  • Zero dairy or gluten
  • No flavour
  • goMCT (Organic C8 & C10) MCT Oil (70%)
  • Organic Acacia Fibre (30%)
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