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Zombie Labs - Musclez

Zombie Labs - Musclez

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Just like zombies crave brains, your muscles hunger for high-quality protein. Zombie Labs has carefully crafted a bio-enhanced whey protein – Musclez, to support apocalyptic muscle repair and give you undeadly gains.  Unearth the strength of the undead with Zombie Labs Musclez, the ultimate protein powder designed to reanimate your workouts and supercharge your gains.

Musclez is not your average protein supplement – it's a nutritional elixir that taps into the primal power of zombies to transform your fitness journey. This high-quality protein delivers a potent dose of premium protein, aiding muscle recovery, growth, and repair. Whether you're smashing through deadlifts or sprinting like a zombie on a hunt, Musclez provides the fuel your body craves.

What are the benefits of Musclez by Zombie Labs?

  • Australia’s most potent whey protein
  • Savagely satisfying flavours
  • Relentless gains
  • Unprecedented performance
  • 3-stage protein blend
  • Support optimal muscle recovery and growth

What is the protein whey blend used in Musclez by Zombie Labs?

Zombie Labs Musclez has Crossflow microfiltered whey protein concentrate, milk protein isolate and hydrolysed protein isolate. This blend will provide you with 24.4g of protein per serve. This whey protein blend also contains DigeZyme®, which helps with absorption and digestion.

Why does Musclez by Zombie Labs have AstraGin®?

This whey protein blend has AstraGin®, which is a potent herbal blend that will help with total amino acid absorption by 43% and BCAA absorption by 69%. This unique blend of ingredients will rapidly support recovery, growth, and performance.

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